29 October-1 November 1998
Progress Report 1

Updated 18 February 1998

Guest of Honor Confirmed

We are pleased to announce Gahan Wilson as the Guest of Honor for WFC98. Known largely for his cartoons and illustrations, Gahan Wilson is also a multi-talented writer, producing horror, mysteries and children's books.

Our Special Guest, writer and publisher Frank M. Robinson, is a collector of pulps, the inexpensive magazines of the mid-20th century that provided a venue for writers as diverse as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Dashiell Hammett, H.P. Lovecraft, C.L. Moore and Tennessee Williams. Frank will be sharing gems from his collection with us.

Toastmaster Richard A. Lupoff has also published a wide range of works: science fiction, fantasy, mystery, horror. As Ova Hamlet, he wrote a number of pastiches of genre fiction.

Hotel Update

Doubletree 408-649-4511, $125 S/D, $135 T/Q; Marriott, $127 S/D/T/Q, 408-649-4234. The Marriot is the party hotel. Both hotels are adjacent to the downtown Monterey Convention Center; the hotels are connected by an indoor passage, and guests in one hotel can charge food and drinks in either hotel's restaurants and bars.

Another convention is booked into the Marriott starting Sunday night! Make reservations directly with the hotels - ask for the World Fantasy Convention rates.

Marriott: 1-408-646-4234. Reservations: 1-800-228-9290 or

Doubletree: 1-408-649-4511. Reservations: 1-8800-222-8733 or

Suites: contact Hotel Liaison Bryan Barrett.

Rates Update

We are keeping the $100 membership rate until March 15, 1998. After that day, membership rates go up to $125. If you have already sent in the higher rate, you can either apply it to the banquet, or receive a refund at the convention. Contact the committee if you have questions.

Credit cards can be accepted only with prior arrangement. Again, contact the committee if you have questions.


The banquet and awards ceremony will be held on Sunday. We are finalizing the menus and trying to keep costs reasonable. Tentative banquet price is $35 (subject to change).


World Fantasy Conventions bring together many able people. We want to draw on this talent by encouraging participation from a wide range of members: readers, collectors, researchers and amateurs in the original meaning as well as those professionally involved in the fantasy field. Monterey's episodic history suggested our theme of Golden Ages: a chance to look back to the times when so much of our favorite literature was created, and at the books we read when we were young. Some of the topics we're considering: Children's Fantasy, Historical Fiction as Fantasy, Legacies of the Pulps, Non-Western Influences and Contributions, particularly Latin American and Pacific Rim. If you're interested in participating or have suggestions, contact Sarah Goodman,


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