1998 World Fantasy Convention Membership Registration

To purchase a 1998 World Fantasy Convention membership, complete this form and mail it to: WFC98, 555 Bryant St. #552, Palo Alto, CA 94301.

Memberships must arrive by October 22 to be processed. Assuming 3 day delivery for first-class mail, that means mail by October 19. After that, check the web site to see if the convention is sold out; if sufficient memberships remain after October 22, memberships will be available at the door.

Make checks payable to WFC98. Please don't mail cash.

Name(s): _______________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________



Country: ______________________

Phone number: __________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________

_____ I am interested in participating on the convention program. My
interests and credits include:



We regret that, due to the relatively small number of program items and
the large number of talented people in attendance, we cannot guarantee
everyone the opportunity to participate.

Please send me information about
_____ exhibiting in the Art Show
_____ selling in the Dealer's Room
_____ volunteering

     _____attending memberships @ $125.00    =  $_____
          (Good until we hit the limit of 750 members)

     _____supporting memberships @ $50 =        $_____
          (Supporting members receive only the convention
	   publications; no voting or attending
	   rights are included.  Supporting members can
	   upgrade to attending by paying the $75 difference.)


TOTAL                                          $_____