World Fantasy Convention
Monterey, California
October 29-November 1
Progress Report 3
October 1998

Hotel Update

Please contact the hotels directly for room availability.

Both hotels have a $10 per day parking fee for guests. Parking is available at a much higher rate at Fishermen's Wharf (about 10 minutes away) and in a nearby city garage. Street parking downtown is limited to 2 hours on weekdays and Saturdays: this is energetically enforced.

Out-of-area visitors: the California legislature has not completely banned smoking - yet. But they seem to be working on it! Smoking is generally prohibited in restaurants, bars, museums, shops and public buildings. In most cases, smoking is limited to outdoor areas - fortunately the weather is usually cooperative. Much of the public area of both hotels and the convention center is designated "Smoke Free". If you are a smoker, please request a smoking room when you make your reservations.

Marriott: 1-408-646-4234. Reservations: 1-800-228-9290 or

Doubletree: 1-408-649-4511. Reservations: 1-8800-222-8733 or

Suites: contact Hotel Liaison Bryan Barrett.

Other area hotels: there are a number of motels on Munras Avenue, about a mile from the convention center. Many of them have on-line listings: check (one of the more comprehensive sites: links to airlines, Amtrak, hotels, restaurants, etc.)

Getting to the Convention

By car:

From San Francisco Airport: The most scenic route is US 101 north to I-380, then I-280 south. The large bodies of water to your left are Lake San Andreas and Crystal Springs Reservoir, the water supply for San Francisco and much of the peninsula (yes, that San Andreas. The fault runs down the center of the valley. The hills on the west side are on a different continental plate). Continue south on I-280 past Stanford University until you reach California 85. Take 85 south to California 17 and 17 south to Santa Cruz. In Santa Cruz, take California 1 south. If you have time for sightseeing along the way, you may want to take in the wreck of the concrete ship Palo Alto ion Seacliff Beach near Aptos, see the epicenter of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in the Forest of Nicene Marks (a state park), or stop at one or more of the state beaches.

Alternate route: take US 101 south towards San Jose. This route takes you along San Francisco Bay and through the heart of Silicon Valley. Late October is salt harvest time: those pink/red colored areas you may have seen from the plane are salt evaporation ponds. South of San Jose, take California 152 west at Gilroy: you will likely smell Gilroy - "The Garlic Capital of the World" - before you see it. 152 takes you through farming regions until it meets California 1 at the ocean. Proceed south to Monterey.

Driving time depends on time of day: rush hour lasts from roughly 3PM to 7PM. With no traffic, it should take about 2 hours to reach Monterey from San Francisco. With traffic, that time can double.

From San Jose airport: take 101 south to 880, then follow the signs for Los Gatos/Santa Cruz. 880 changes its name to 17; follow directions from San Francisco.

Once you reach Monterey, take the Del Monte exit heading downtown: the sign points you towards Pacific Grove. Once you pass Lake El Estero, you should have no trouble seeing the Marriott. Follow the signs for downtown. The Marriott is on the right on Calle Principal; the Doubletree is on the left on Portola Plaza


The Monterey-Salinas Airbus makes several trips each day from the San Francisco airport. Cost is approximately $35: catch the bus on the transit level. This bus will take you to the Monterey Transit Plaza: from there it's about 2 blocks downhill to the hotels.

Amtrak has connections from San Francisco and Oakland. This is not a particularly practical alternative for people flying in to the Bay Area, but if you're already here and are looking for inexpensive transport to Monterey, it's worth checking out. Contact Amtrak at 1-800-USA-RAIL for schedules and fares.

Awards Banquet Update

The awards banquet will be a brunch featuring local produce and specialties. The menu includes a variety of breakfast items, chicken with artichokes, fish, glazed ham and salads. Tickets are required for the banquet: they are $35 per person. Tickets will be available at registration until 2PM on Saturday, or you can reserve a place by sending a check for $35 to WFC98, 555 Bryant St. #552, Palo Alto, CA 94301, to arrive before October 22.

If you are planning to attend the banquet, and have special needs or dietary restrictions, please inform Bryan Barrett by noon on Saturday, October 31.

Art Show Update

The art show is sold out. This means there is no more space left. Please contact the Art Show director, Lillian Butler, for shipping directions.

Dealers' Room Update

The dealers' room is sold out. This means that there is no more dealer space left. Please contact the Dealers' Room director, Bob Brown, with any questions. Dealers: please make sure you have your California sales tax affairs in order!

Programming Update

Reception/Mass Signing

A World Fantasy Convention tradition, the Friday night reception is an opportunity to meet the other members. Hors d'ouevres and a no-host bar will be available.

We will be making tables available to members who wish to sign copies of their books or other works. If you wish to participate as a signer, please notify the Program Director, Sarah Goodman, by Friday, October 22 . If you are bringing books to be signed by other members, please be considerate of other members by limiting yourself to 3 books at a time.

This year, we will be having an Artists' Reception on Friday night as well. Starting times are staggered to allow members to attend both.

Scheduled Programming

If you haven't already returned your programming questionnaire to Sarah Goodman, please do so by October 14. Because of the wealth of talent attending the convention and the limited number of slots available, we may not be able to accommodate everyone who is interested.

Informal Programming

You know those discussions that get sparked off by a good panel? Or that special topic that didn't make the official program? This year, we are pleased to make space available on a first-come,first-served basis for members who want to set up small special-interest or follow-on discussions. Contact the con office at the con to make arrangements.


We have a number of one-hour slots for people wishing to read from works-in-progress. Please contact Sarah Goodman by Friday, October 21 if you are interested in doing a reading.

Monterey: Getting Around

" decidedly the pleasantest and most civilised-looking place in California."

Richard Henry Dana

Two Years Before the Mast

Walking is the easiest way to get around town. The new Maritime museum, the State Historical Park and Fishermen's Wharf are next to the Doubletree. The other major area of interest - Cannery Row - is approximately a mile away. The two are connected by a flat bike and walking trail that hugs the waterfront. Monterey also has a bus system that can take you to Pacific Grove or Carmel.

Both hotels are within easy walking distance of a number of restaurants in all price ranges. There is a small convenience store across the street from the Marriott, and a large Safeway a 10 minute walk away. We will be distributing a guide to local restaurants and other necessities.

Membership Update

Memberships are still available as of this writing. Membership in the 1998 World Fantasy Convention is US$125. Membership is limited to 750.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: When is the last day to send in a membership?

A: To allow time for processing, please make sure your membership payment reaches us by Friday, October 22. If you can not make that date, please contact the committee for alternate arrangements.

Q: What do I need to send?

A: Along with your check or money order for US$125, please send either a copy of the online registration form, or a letter containing your name, your mailing address and email address or phone number.

Q: Will day memberships be available?

A: Because membership is limited to 750, we are giving first priority to members who are planning to attend the entire convention. If this limit has not been reached by the weekend of the convention, day memberships will be available at US$60 per day. Check our web page in mid October for current status.

Q: Will supporting memberships be available?

A: Yes, at US$50. This includes publications only.

Q: What about credit cards?

A: Due to logistical difficulties, we can not at the moment accept credit cards. Convention members from outside of the United States for whom this will cause problems please contact the chair to make alternative arrangements.

Q: Are memberships refundable?

A: No, but you may transfer your membership if you can not attend.


The World Fantasy Convention is staffed entirely by volunteers. If you are interested in participating at the convention, please contact Linda McAllister. We hope to refund at least part of the membership fee to people who put in a minimum of 4 hours of volunteer time before, during or after the convention. We particularly need help with setup on Thursday! (Note that WFC is a 501(c)(3) organization (literary and educational).)

What do volunteers do? Set up the art show and auction, check members in at registration, remind panelists when (and where) their panels are, keep the hospitality suite supplied with coffee, and act as general gofers.

Preliminary Schedule

Can be found here.

World Fantasy Award Information

Can be found here.

1998 World Fantasy Convention Membership

Most current online version can be found here.

Last Minute Items and Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where's the video program? And the masquerade?

A: World Fantasy Convention is a print-oriented conference. We have no plans to include any media-related events as part of the formal program. Similarly, there is no formal masquerade planned.

If any member wants to run a discussion on a special-interest topic, the con committee may be able to help. See the section on Informal Programming.


Q: Why is the convention so expensive? Where does the money go?

A. The membership rate is so low because the con is run entirely by volunteers. Convention center rental, insurance, printing costs, postage, guest expenses are the major expenses. Con workers will get part of their membership reimbursed if the con breaks even. This year's convention is run as a non-profit organization.

Re: hotel rates, remember that Monterey is a resort town.


Q: The Doubletree has a brewpub: is it any good?

A: The beer's decent, although a bit on the cold side. We'll have a few kegs it at the Friday night reception.


Q: Will X be there?

A: The membership roster as of October 1 is enclosed.


Q: I just published Y. How can I tell everybody about it?

A: Contact the convention to arrange for flyers, advance copies, etc. to be included in registration packets. We must know about any giveaways at least one week before the con so we can make sure that they (physically) fit!


Q: I want to ship Z to the con. How do I do that?

A: If you are shipping art work or any large packages, contact the committee to arrange for delivery. Items sent to the Palo Alto address will remain in Palo Alto! The convention will not be responsible for items lost or damaged in shipping.


Q: You spelled my name wrong!

A: "Can you spell?" "Yes, but not accurately." - Joe Orton in Prick up Your Ears

Typing was never my strong point. Please send me (Linda) any corrections. And do check the spelling on your badge at registration: we'll be able to do corrections on site.


Q: I'm on a tight budget: how can I keep expenses down?

A: Volunteer!

Check the Classified ads if you're looking for other members to share rooms or rides with.

We will have a Native Guide available at the convention, listing local restaurants by price.