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Peninsula Science Fantasy Association

Updated 12 January 2022

The Peninsula Science Fantasy Association (PenSFA) is still holding meetings on the San Francisco peninsula, in California. We're not dead yet! The purpose of the meetings is nominally to discuss science fiction; contact PenSFA's commander, Rich McAllister, for more information.

Meetings are nominally biweekly, on alternate Saturday evenings, but are sometimes skipped when there's a big convention going on, nobody volunteers to host, or a pandemic causes everyone to shelter-in-place.

During the pandemic, we've been running online meetings with Zoom, which have done pretty well and even attracted some new people from out of area. Send Rich an email to get on the list if you'd like to try us!

We had a couple live meetings in late 2021, when case loads were down in Santa Clara county, but with the recent surge we're back to Zoom.